With our Studio-Pics E-Commerce service you can:

Creating Galleries and Sorting Images

  1. Images to be uploaded must reside on a local hard drive on your computer. (it does not have to be your system drive)
  2. Create a folder with the name you want the gallery to have.  For example, Smith-Kilgore Wedding, Wilson Family Portrait, Johnson Family, etc.
  3. IMPORTANT - Please do not include these characters in your folder or file names:  " & " ampersand, " / " " \ " forward or reverse slash, " ." period,  " $ " dollar sign, " , " coma,  " + " plus sign, " # " pound sign,  " ; " semicolon, " ' " single quote,  " * " asterisk, " % " percent, " ( ) " parenthesis,  " " extra spaces, "" circle C Copyright plus most other symbols and brackets.
  4. If you have a large number of images (more than 75) it is best to sort them so they can be viewed in sub-galleries.   To create sub-galleries, create subfolders with the name that you want these galleries to have.  For example a wedding might have subfolders named Bride Before, Groom Before, Ceremony, Formal Portraits, Bride and Groom, Reception.  A large family portrait session might have the names of the family groups.   Sort your images into these folders.  Your folder structure will look like this:

Accessing The Admin Menu

  1. Please call customer service for directions on how to access your Admin Menu.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a Username and Password
  3. From the Admin Menu you can manage your Studio-Pics site.  Click on each menu option below for "Help"